Meseta products cover all espresso coffee business areas with coffee beans, coffee capsules, ground coffee and coffee pods. Each Meseta blend is characterized by an exclusive composition and a dedicated roasting process.

Co.ind is one of the most important Italian roasting companies. Coffee private labelling is Co.ind core business with more than twelve thousand tons of green coffee roasted and five millions of Italian families served every year.

Mesetashop, our online store, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the Meseta espresso coffee in the comfort of your own home

Meseta Capsules System is the perfect solution to market a closed system that offers quality and reliability for both retailers and their customers. Meseta Capsules System, and other capsules’ standards, are available to have a closed system standard for coffee capsules under retailers’ brands.

Co.ind production and quality processes video: how the perfect espresso coffee is made. Watch the video

Capsman is Meseta coffee web mascot: download the Capsman videogame for free [Now available in 3D high definition too]

Meseta is a brand of Co.ind s.c.
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